Scar Camouflage


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“Micro-pigmentation can dramatically improve the appearance of your scarring”


Specialist techniques are used to implant colour to minimise and help camouflage scarring. These types of camouflage can also be applied to the scalp, face or body where colour is missing. Fantastic result and realist visual improvements can be made with medical tattooing. This procedure may require a number of appointments, but this can be discussed at the outset of our consultation with you.

Burns / Skin Graft

Once skin is healed, or if any skin graft work has settled, micro pigmentation can be used to camouflage the skin or blend areas of skin to existing tones.
If the area is raised or sunken, this procedure will make the skin feel more smooth and less tight as the area is being softened with the needles, this also encourages the skin to produce cologne.

Scar camouflage

The scar generally has to be fully healed for a year , then pigment can be used to match the settled skin colour to the surrounding skin and help a smooth blended effect. Scars can be surgical, reconstructive, on face scalp or body.

Cleft lip reconstruction

This is a mixture of medical and cosmetic tattooing techniques and colours. The appearance of the cleft lip can be reconstructed and improved dramatically with the micropigmentation. By creating a balanced shape and even colouration along with the scar camouflage the lip can be given definition and fullness.