Scalp Pigmentation

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“Make your hair look thicker and less sparse”


Scalp pigmentation is great If thinning hair or hair loss is a problem ,hair simulation tattooing is a no surgical way of creation hair.
This is a form of tattooing to build up to recreate the look of short hair ideal for a grade one all over . Mainly used for people who have head injury or hair loss in patches , also if you have had a hair transplant the scar line created can be covered discretely and blend back in . This is technique can be used through thinning hair can make your hair look thicker and less sparse, the use of correctly matching pigment to your hair and adding colour to the scalp. The hair simulation tattooing can be used for both male and female clients and on any hair colour.

The hair loss extent will be assed to make sure your desired look may be achieved. Then matching natural pigments to your hair will be mixed to give the appearance of hair folicals. The pigment spacing in the areas will depend on the existing hair to follow the grows patterns of the existing hair.