Breast Reconstruction


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“Medical tattooing for improved breast and nipple aesthetics”


Specialised techniques are used to implant colour to camouflage and minimise scaring.
Results can be achieved with multiple sessions. It is important to ensure that medical tattooing can provide your desired improvement. It can take 6-14 moths to reach satisfactory results. It is important to note that scarring must have had around 1 year to fully heal before the medical tattooing can be carried out in order to allow the under dermis to be fully healed.

Medical tattoo treatments for the breasts can be for many different reasons, but visual improvements can be made. The area of the scars can be camouflaged with pigment, areola re-sizing and symmetry correction, nipple colour enhancement and full areola reconstruction following surgical procedures. People who may have gone undergone mastectomy can be over-joyed by re-pigmenting the areola to provide you with a natural appearance to the breast area. The end result to one of our areola tattoo treatments provides confidence and self-esteem boosts for our clients.

Areola reshaping.

This is a procedure that may be us to cover up any scaring or to make the areola area larger to give a more circular shape:

Camouflage of breast reconstruction

The scaring in blended in with a natural skin pigment colour and the areola area is made brighter to give a smooth edge and cover any scars:

3D nipple reconstruction

The use of pigment can give the realistic appeared of the breast using highlighting and shading to re create a 3D nipple.

Breast up lift

This is an anchor scar created to up lift and tighten the breast, the areola has been made more circular by smoothing the rough edges and the skin area has been blended down with camouflage.