HD Power Brows


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“When done properly the eyebrow are as they are the most transformative feature on the face, as they frame your eyes and define expression”


If you like a High definition eye brows , with a strong shape this is the eyebrow tattooing style for you. The power brow is the ultimate statement look this is for the fully made up eyebrow, striking and beautiful, the bold shaded brow has been one of the biggest make up trends of the last decade, creating signature eyebrows in different shapes, sizes and styles.

Power brows are the alternative to filling in brows with pencil, powder or gel, as this technique of micro pigmentation leaves a strong clean line finish, to give an immaculate eyebrow. This is great treatment for people who are wanting a Powerful eye brow.

The technique is out lining the brow shape and shading the area in to achieve a bolder back drop of colour . This can be also achieved for people with a lighter hair colour also , as blonde shades never appear as strong. This technique of semi-permanent micro pigmentation is a ‘24/7 brow effect which is time saving and cost effective in the long run.